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Class Details

(1) quiz #3 (formulas)

44 concepts, including:
cong chi tang
scallion and prepared soybean decoction, *ma huang tang
ephedra decoction, *gui zhi tang
cinnamon twig decoction, xiao qing long tang
minor bluegreen dragon decoction, jiu wei qiang huo tang
nine herb decoction with notopterygium

(2) HBR quiz 3 (single herbs)

41 concepts, including:
shan zhu yu
dogwood fruit, wu wei zi
schisandra fruit, wu mei
black plum, chi shi zhi
kaolin, he zi
chebula fruit, rou dou kou
nutmeg, chun pi/ chun gen pi
ailanthus bark, lian zi
lotus seed, qian shi
euryale seed, jin ying zi
cherokee rose hips

(3) HBR quiz 2 (single herbs)

138 concepts, including:
transform phlegm, stop coughing
phlegm damp cough, chest bind
nausea & vomiting d/t counterflow ST qi w/ phlegm
plum pit qi
all types of phlegm nodules
(LU, SP, ST), transform phlegm, stop coughing
wind phlegm: dizziness, vertigo, facial paralysis, epilepsy, convulsions, tetanus
(LR, LU, SP)

(4) HBR quiz 1 (single herbs)

122 concepts, including:
wind cold exterior/ wheezing
bi pain
edema d/t wind cold
(LU, UB), wind cold exterior deficiency
bi pain limbs and shoulders
chest pain d/t heart yang deficiency
abdominal pain/ masses d/t cold and blood stasis
(LU, UB, HT)

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