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(1) Illinois law parts 5-10

32 concepts, including:
How is quantity dispensed specified on prescription for cs, How many c2 drugs can be on a prescription, How many days does prescriber have to get emergency script to dispenser and how many days does pharmacy have to get cs into central repository

(2) law ch 5 controlled substances

41 concepts, including:
Who are prescriptions for, Pharmacist is responsible to ensure rx prepared properly, Needed to maintain or detoxify addict, Exception to DATA id requirement, Not necessarily fraud with pain med, C2 requirement, Exceptions to c2 refill rule

(3) ch 3

7 concepts, including:
3 ways to switch from rx to otc, Effect of adding or amending otc drug monograph, Stripped fda of authority to consider compounded drugs as new drugs, Evaluates pharmaceutically equivalent products on the basis of bioequivalence

(4) ch 1 law

18 concepts, including:
Cause rules to go into effect, Indiscriminate use of antibiotics that affect larger pop than self is example of which reason to regulate drugs, Give pharm example of monopoly, Functions of administrative agencies

(5) ch2 law

39 concepts, including:
Articles intended for use in diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease, nutritional support claims DSHEA permits, When can a cosmetic be a drug, Types recalls, Failure to use tamper-resistant container

(6) ch 2 law history

18 concepts, including:
Pure Food & Drug Act 1906, Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act 1938, Durham-Humphrey Amendment 1951, Food Additives Amendment 1958 and Color Additive Amendments 1960, Kefauver-Harris Amendment 1962, Medical Device Amendments 1976

(7) Law

41 concepts, including:
What is required under (Section 505(b)) in regards to a NDA?, What is the formal description of a new drug under Section 201(p) in the FDCA?, Under what circumstances is a drug exempt from proving safety or efficacy?

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