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(1) Environmental and emotional factors of disease

36 concepts, including:
When is dampness prevalent and affect which organ, How does externally generated damp occur, How does internally generated damp occur, Characteristics of damp, Damp injures what and moves in what direction, Explain how damp is connected to heat

(2) Blood, Body Fluids, Essence

10 concepts, including:
Functions of blood, Jin fluids functions, Jin fluids characteristics, What controls the jin fliuds, Ye fluids functions, Ye fluids characteristics, Who controls ye fuids, Difference between qi and essence, Essence determines..

(3) Qi

12 concepts, including:
Qi is…, Direction of qi of organs, Origin of qi, How does food qi and da qi become qi of the body, Types of qi, Organ qi, Meridian qi, Defensive qi/ wei qi, Nutritive qi, Gathering qi/ zong qi, Original qi, Function of qi

(4) Extraordinary Yang Organs

15 concepts, including:
What are the 6 extraordinary yang organs, Function like a …. but have the shape of a …., The brain is called the, Function of the brain, How is the brain related to the kidneys, How is the brain related to the heart

(5) Triple Burner

9 concepts, including:
According to the classic, it is a, Manifests as, Function, Upper burner includes, Function of upper burner, Middle burner includes, Middle burner functions, Lower burner functions, Root of

(6) Gall Bladder

5 concepts, including:
Functions, Yang organ that stores clean fluid such as bile, all other organs.., Excretion of bile by the gall bladder is an expression of what, How does the gall bladder aid digestion, The gall bladder controls the capacity to…

(7) Bladder

8 concepts, including:
Functions, Bladder is the lowest organ in the body, therefore, Holds fluids until acted upon by, How do the kidneys and bladder work together, Bladder is considered the yang aspect of the kidney, therefore related to ming men, why

(8) Stomach

13 concepts, including:
Functions, Together with the spleen, it performs, Together with the spleen it is the root of, What is rotting and ripening, The process of rotting and ripening prepares .., What does the stomach do with chyme (processed food)

(9) Lungs

28 concepts, including:
Correspond to which element, Best season to treat, What is the partner organ, Root of, Functions, Considered the highest organ in the body and therefore a, Close connection with the heart. Lung qi supports the hearts function of

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