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Mrs. Roisman’s AP Human Geography Classes 3rd, 5th, 8th, and 9th

(1) AP Human Geography Complete List

388 concepts, including:
absolute distance, absolute location, accessibility, anthropogenic, azimuthal projection, breaking point, Carl Sauer, Cartograms, cartography, Chloropleth map, Cognitive map, Complementarity, connectivity, contagious diffusion, coordinate system

(2) De Blij Geographic Concepts Chapter 7 Religion

15 concepts, including:
Islam, religious extremism, secularism, Taoism, genocide, hajj, Eastern Orthodox, intrafaith boundaries, universalizing religion, caste system, Zionism, Confucianism, pilgrimage, diaspora, ethnic religion

(3) Ch: 7 Religion

39 concepts, including:
Religion, Monotheistic Religion, Zoroastrianism, Polytheistic Religion, Animistic Religion, Universalizing Religion/Proselytic Faith, Ethnic Religion, Hinduism, Reincarnation, Caste System, Sikhism, Buddhism, Shintoism, Taoism, Feng-Shui/Geomancy

(4) AP Human Geography Chapter 6 Vocab: Language

32 concepts, including:
language, culture, standard language, dialects, isogloss, mutual intelligibility, dialect chain, language family, subfamilies, sound shift, Proto-Indo-European, backward reconstruction, extinct language, deep reconstruction, nostratic

(5) Human Geography – De Blij Chap. 5

15 concepts, including:
Gender, Identity, Identifying against, Race, Racism, Residential segeration, Invasion and Succession, Sense of Place, Ethnicity, Space, Place, Gendered, Queer Theory, Dowry Deaths, Barriorization

(6) AP Human De Blij – Chapter 4

24 concepts, including:
Culture, Folk Culture, Popular Culture, Local Culture, Material Culture, Nonmaterial Culture, Hierarchal Diffusion, Hearth, Assimilation, Cultural Appropriation, Neolocalism, Ethnic Neighborhood, Commodification, Distance Decay

(7) Chapter 3: Migration

38 concepts, including:
Remittances, Cyclic Movement, Periodic Movement, Migration, Activity Spaces, Nomadism, Migrant Labor, Transhumance, Military Service, International Migration, Immigration, Internal Migration, Forced Migration, Voluntary Migration

(8) AP Human Geo. Ch. 2 Vocab De Blij

28 concepts, including:
Population density, Arithmetic population density, Physiological population density, Population distribution, Dot map, Megalopolis, Census, Doubling time, Population explosion, Natural increase, Crude birth rate (CBR), Crude death rate (CDR)

(9) AP Human Geography Chapter 1 Vocabulary

62 concepts, including:
Fieldwork, Human Geography, Globalization, Physical Geography, Spatial, Spatial Distribution, Pattern, Medical Geography, Pandemic, Epidemic, Spatial Perspective, Five Themes, Location, Location Theory, Human-Environment, Region, Place

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